Learn to play this uniquely Hawaiian instrument on the garden island of Kauai from a ukulele teacher with a lifetime of teaching experience.

Start Playing Quickly & Continue to Learn Ukulele on Your Own.

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I developed a style of teaching using tablature that allows students to quickly learn the ukulele and continue to improve on their own.

Hal’s ukulele tablature

Even if you are visiting Kauai and have time for only a lesson or two, you can learn techniques and take tablature books and DVDs home with you which will allow you to learn on your own.

Learn tunings and techniques specific to ukulele.

Understand rhythms—the basic building blocks of music.

Get a solid foundation in music and learn tablature.

Students receive printed tablature with rhythms and instructional DVDs of the music.

Download a Tablature Sample

Video above: Beginner Ukulele — Hawaiian Vamp

Video above: Excerpts from Beginning Workbooks 1, 2 & 3

Whether You Are a Beginning or Intermediate Student
You Can Learn These Songs

And if You Are an Intermediate or Advanced Player
You Can Learn These Songs

I Teach a Variety of Styles

  • Traditional and Contemporary Hawaiian
  • Classical
  • Contemporary Jazz
  • Blues
  • Calypso
  • Popular Music
  • Flamenco
  • Bossa Nova

Free Lessons


Download Sukiyaki Tablature


Download Farruca Tablature

To Schedule a Lesson or to Talk, (808) 335-0322.

If you are visiting Kauai and want to take a lesson (or lessons), I have ukuleles available in the studio for your lesson. However, I do not have ukuleles to take out of the studio. So if you want to practice after your lesson, you may want to consider bringing an ukulele with you.

Can’t Come to Kauai?

If you can’t visit Kauai and you would like instructional material such as tab music with accompanying DVDs, contact Michael Montapert. Michael also teaches ukulele and slack-key guitar on Kauai.

Slack-key Guitar Lessons

My friend and long time student, Michael Montapert (photo) is teaching my slack-key method for guitar on Kauai.

Wedding Music

Interested in music for your wedding on Kauai? I highly recommend Paul Togioka. Paul plays a variety of stringed instruments, writes his own compositions, records award winning albums, and was nominated for a grammy.

My YouTube Channel

Check out My YouTube Channel for many more snipets of songs that I teach with tab and accompanying instructional DVDs .

Watch video below to see a list of the instructional books and their contents.